We're into the final stages of judging, but we can announce the long listed writers... note that story names are not included as the judging is done blind, and that doesn't work if we publish both! Congrats to those on the list, and commiserations for those that missed out this time. If your name appears more than once (and several writer's do...) then you have two entries on the longlist!

Adena Graham

Alex Reece Abbott

Alex Reece Abbott

Alison Obszanski

Amanda O'Callaghan

Andrea Wotherspoon

Andrew Nest

Andrew Stiggers

Andrew Stiggers

Angelita Bradney

Antony Lindsell

Christine Mustchin

David Campbell

David Wiseman

Deirdre Brennan

Douglas Bruton

Eleonora Mignoli

Emily Richards

Ezequiel Martin

Glenn Price

Gwenda Major

Hannah Persaud

Harry Kolotas

Helen Salsbury

James Watson

Jessie Tu

Jill Simpson

Joanna Nell

John Holland

Jude Higgins

Jude Winter

Judith Wilson

Kate Woodward

Lucille Bellucci

Maggie Ling

Mark Dixon

Maureen Cullen

Meena Gupta

Melanie Napthine

Millie Brierley

Peter Newall

Richard Buxton

Richard Murphy

Riona Judge McCormack

Roger Vickery

Sophia Barnes

Sophia Barnes

Stephanie Hutton

Sue Lovett

Teresa Cheesman

Tina Jackson

Valerie Knight

Valerie Knight

Victoria Hunter

Wayne Herbert

Wendy Holborow